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Mental Health Awareness Training

Mental Health Awareness Training

Shuffle and Strides

Mental Health Awareness Training 

2 day Training Course | 8 hours per day

Venue, Food, Drinks, Educational materials provided

Creating Mental Health Awareness and breaking stigma!

The MHAT is a 2-day, comprehensive training course of the signs, symptoms, communication, tools, and resources of general mental health.



Your teams mental health is important to productivity, communication, team comradery and overall success of your business.

Why MHAT is important for your business?

Boost Company Culture

Creates Equity amongst Employees -by CEO, managers, administrators, sales, and entire team participating in training together it shows value for all positions and team building occurs. 

Overall Wellness Improved

Improved personal and Job Well being of individuals receiving training. It is shown that by 1 person being educated the 4 people closest to them are positively impacted. 

Employment Security and Longevity

Studies show that 80% of employees would consider or take new employment based on the company’s reputation of treatment of staff based around mental health. 

Reduces Workplace Conflict

By gaining comfortability around “stigmatized” conversation, employees are more likely to address or communicate with each other in regards to problems, solutions and possible improvements. 

Less Sick Days

The psychological connection to physical health is evident and by addressing mental health issues within the workplace, physical health improves.

To benefit your team, create a better workplace and increase business productivity, get in touch with our Team Today! 


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