Changing the perspective of mental health

We are a diverse community that promotes positive lifestyle choices including regular physical and social activity.

Who We Are

Nick Royan (Shuffle)

Nick is originally from Sydney Australia but at a young age Nick’s path led him to an expensive gambling addiction and a four-month stint in prison. Nick came to Indonesia in 2016 where he learnt the tools and skills to be free of his addictions and found purpose in helping others. Nick currently is an owner of an addiction treatment facility in Bali named Calm. Nick is not your typical athlete but your everyday guy who is willing to put his body to the test in order to raise awareness for mental health. 

Nick might not have the physical tallent that Jack has, however Nick has a burning desire to inspire other people. Nick believes if he can do any of the challenges we have planned there is no excuse for anyone else to not make changes in this life. He is willing to commit and test what’s possible with the hope of impacting just a few people.

Jack Ahearn (Strides)

Originally from Perth, Jack found himself throwing away a possible professional sporting career due to an addiction to methamphetamine at the age of 14. After 4 years of drug abuse and destruction within his life Jack and his family decided rehab was the right option. Jack completed a long term treatment for his addiction and has since worked in the field helping others who were in the same position he was. 

Jack is the athlete of the pair, he has completed several ultra marathons in the past and devotes substantial amounts of his time to helping others. This is a personal projected backed by a big personal purpose that pushes Jack to do everything he can to inspire others and make changes in the world

Sari Dewi (Founder)

Hello, my name is Sari Dewi, I’m from Jakarta and work as a legal practitioner such as a legal consultant and also an advocate in a law office that has been built together with my close friends.

I moved to Bali in 2016 when I just graduated from Law School in Jakarta. I always like activities that involve a lot of people either in sports groups or social groups with the aim of helping others so that it has benefits for others.

I want to build a social community with the idea where everyone can join and have the passion to voice a good cause, in this community is the importance of Mental health which also provides a safe place for everyone to gather or just tell stories.  I think a “safe place” is a necessity for everyone.

Especially in Indonesia, this country has a very diverse in social and culture.  Mental health is not a topic or understanding that is often discussed by groups and families in Indonesia. With Shuffle and Strides, we want community and family in Indonesia to not be ashamed or consider it as taboo to talk about mental health topics.

What We Do


— Mental Health

  • We are creating a community that promotes positive lifestyle choices that aim to have positive influence on individuals mental health
  • Run monthly events that encourage participating within an environment that is promoting mental health awareness.
  • Sharing of personal stories and identification for individuals to feel safe an understanding within our community
  • Events designed to destigmatize the topic of mental health and help create an environment that promotes honest conversation and seeking help when required.

— Run/Walk Club

Our run walk club runs 2x a week in different locations. We aim to create a space where individuals can come, walk or run with us, meet new people, develop new friendships and socialise with like minded people. Our walk or run club is free and is open to anyone of any age or ability. Especially open to beginners!


— Special Group Events

We are now an officially registered charity in Indonesia and work closely with other charities within Indonesia. We also work closely with our main partner 20Talk, a charity based out of Australia that aligns with our values and goals. 20Talk is supportive of our mission and we plan to raise millions of dollars to have maximum impact on Mental Health awareness and the prevention of mental health illness within Bali and Abroad.


— Fund Raising

We are a now an officially registered charity in Indonesia and work closely with other charities including our main partner, 20talk. We plan to raise millions of dollars for primarily Mental Health causes.


— Extreme Challenges

It’s amazing what the human body is when you first set your mind to it! We have already completed many challenges including a 100km run with a 500km run around Bali planned for early 2023. We plan throughout 2022 and beyond to be completing different extreme physical challenges and push our bodies to their individual limit with the aim of inspiring others and shining a light on the stigmatised topic of mental health.


— Partnerships

We are overwhelmingly grateful to all the various organisations that have reached out to us & generously helped us with our goals. This project is big enough we need support in many areas and If you think your organisation can also assist, please get in touch.




Impact Stories

I’ve known both Nick & Jack for many years through the Bali Geckos Football Club. Very proud of the boys and what they’re doing with their Mental Health awareness campaigns. Happy to have our F45 Gyms in Bali partnering and supporting Shuffle & Strides.

Rick Olarenshaw (Former AFL Player & F45 Gym Owner)

It’s well documented that regular exercise and belonging to a community are both excellent for good Mental Health. Joining Shuffle & Strides weekly Run/Walk Club has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Going to the weekly events has been a great way to meet new people and attending regularly has given me the opportunity to make some great like-minded friends. I love what Jack & Nick are doing and am always eager to help wherever I can. 

Mike 'Akerz' Akerman (Community Member)

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